Blackstone Griddles

If you love iconic summer staples and have been apprehensive to try anything beyond your traditional outdoor grill, we’d like to introduce you to an easy, approachable tool — the Blackstone Griddle, a flat-top cooker that we think is the backyard must-have.

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About Blackstone

4 Zone Cooking

You'll be able to cook biscuits low and slow on one side and crisp bacon and make hash browns on the other. Plus, the lower-heat side can be used to keep food warm before serving.

Cook A Wider Variety

The flat surface makes it possible to cook foods otherwise impossible on a grill, including thinly sliced meats or vegetables and fried rice.

Throw the most memorable party of the summer with a Blackstone Griddle! Whether you’re cooking for 1 or 100, these versatile griddles come in different shapes and sizes to make every family gathering even better. From 17-inch portable models to mighty 36-inch flat tops – your culinary dreams have never been easier (or tastier) to achieve.

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Why Blackstone?

Depending on the size, the griddles have up to four burners beneath a rolled carbon steel griddle top that reach up to 60,000 BTUs. You might have seen this griddle take over TikTok, showing just how versatile it is — the brand boasts its ability to cook anything from pancakes, eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast to burgers, hot dogs and high-quality steaks at night. 

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