Enjoy your outdoor firepit all year round with our state-of-the art smokeless design! Our revolutionary technology creates a hotter, more oxygenated flame that drastically cuts down on the smoky output!


Enjoy a fire without Burning Your Eyes!

The world’s first smokeless firepit is here – a revolutionary way to save your eyes and environment from the smog. With its advanced airflow engineering, this marvel of technology ensures that every flame will stay heat-hot while burning with minimal smoke output. So no more hazy air or itchy red eyes! Light up fires without fear thanks to our latest invention – welcome to modern joys of Smokeless Fires!

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Monday – Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday  11am-6pm

Asheville Outlets

800 Brevard Rd Unit 101
Asheville Outlet Mall
(next to Sportsman’s Warehouse)

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