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Oh hey there, backyard virtuoso! Got an eye for customization and love entertaining? Glide into the Outdoor Solutions island paradise, where your personalized alfresco kitchen is ready to sizzle in a jiffy. Awaiting you is an upgraded haven of modular goodness crafted from swanky aluminum; the fearless conqueror of pesky weather.

Stay Cool

Chef's paradise made easy with Outdoor Solutions!

Why settle for plain ol’ backyard barbecues when you could be the proud owner of a fabulous Outdoor Solutions island? Assemble your dream outdoor kitchen like a jigsaw puzzle, handpicking only the components that make your heart sing. Throw in a pinch of sturdy aluminum design, a generous dash of weather-resistance, and a 3-year warranty to boot – voila! You’ve got yourself a beautiful, lasting backyard centrepiece. Shall we help you create that culinary oasis today?


Monday – Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday  11am-6pm

Asheville Outlets

800 Brevard Rd Unit 101
Asheville Outlet Mall
(next to Sportsman’s Warehouse)

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