Introducing HALO’s Elite Griddles: It’s like the Swiss Army knife of outdoor cooking – but way hotter and less pocket-sized. Ever dreamed of a world where one burner can play two roles? Dream no more! Banish those pesky cold spots to the realm of bad kitchen memories. Whether you’re flippin’ breakfast pancakes with flair or grilling a burger that says, ‘I’m not just any patty, I’m THE patty,’ our griddles got you covered. Available in four sizes – because we understand that one size does NOT fit all (especially when it comes to appetite).  Dive into versatility and elevate your outdoor chef game with HALO’s Elite Series. Your taste buds will thank you!.


About Halo

Outdoor Cooking For All Generations

Experience the joy of outdoor cooking with Halo Products Group. From the great outdoors to your own backyard, we believe cooking should be a pleasure, not a hassle. Rediscover the thrill of outdoor cooking with our innovative solutions that challenge tradition. Our mission is to make outdoor cooking accessible and enjoyable for all generations, regardless of experience level.

Introducing the Elite Griddles – the ultimate weapon for your cooking battles! With their colossal cooking surface, you can defeat hunger by preparing multiple dishes at once. Perfect for families or parties, these griddles make entertaining a piece of cake – or should I say griddle? And guess what? They’re so easy to use and clean, you’ll think you have a personal griddle-washing assistant! But wait, there’s more! These griddles are like shape-shifters – they can cook anything your heart desires, from fluffy pancakes to sizzling burgers and even gooey grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s like having a culinary superhero right in your backyard. So grab an Elite Griddle and join the griddle revolution – your taste buds will thank you!

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Why Halo?

Experience flawless cooking with the Elite Griddles. Their flat surface ensures perfect heat distribution, ideal for dishes that demand precise temperature control. The innovative single burner with a dual-zone design lets you fine-tune the heat to your liking, guaranteeing flawless results every single time.

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