Louisiana Grills

Whether you’re new to pellet grilling or you’re a seasoned pro, you might be wondering why you should spend more on a Louisiana Grill. We’re here to tell you Louisiana Grills are worth the investment.


About Louisiana Grills

Extremely Versatile

Smoke, barbecue, grill, sear, reverse sear, char, bake, roast, and braise. You can do it all on this one grill!

Choose Your Flavor

Louisiana Grills offers an array of amazing flavor experiences through our unique pellet selection. Get competitive with Competition Blend, or take a trip down South with Mesquite and Charcoal Blends! For the sweet tooths try Apple Blend, Whiskey Barrel, Cherry or Hickory - you won't be sorry!

We know Louisiana Grills are perfect for grilling and barbecuing, but did you know they’re more versatile than that? Everything you’d like to make on a grill, stovetop or in the oven can be done with your Louisiana Grill. Yes, you read that right.

With 8-in-1 versatile cooking options available to unleash flavors, pellet grills give you a seemingly endless number of choices. That covers any recipe that calls for smoking, baking, searing, BBQ, grilling, roasting, charring, or braising, since Louisiana Grills can cook with indirect or direct heat.


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Welcome to Louisiana!

Louisiana Grills® strives to elevate your outdoor culinary experience by providing top-of-the-line products that were derived from the passion and precision of the world’s most foremost modern outdoor chefs. Using upscale designs, quality craftsmanship and premium technology, Louisiana Grills® delivers an elite outdoor cooking experience that features robust versatility in a variety of sizes. Creating a community around outdoor cooking, backyard barbeques and neighborhood block parties is an idea Louisiana Grills® is proud to be a part of, and proud to be included in.

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