Hot Tub & Spa Buyers Guide

Courtesy of hydrotherapy, you’ll be frolicking in a wonderland of wellness benefits—from pain relief and relaxation to calorie-burning and sound sleep. So go on, immerse yourself in a spa that checks all the boxes and transform your home into a sanctuary of bliss!


The Ultimate Hot Tub & Spa Buyers Guide

Dive into the tantalizing world of hot tubs – an investment that’ll leave your body, mind, and humble abode doing a happy dance! Dare to discover the perfect soaking sanctuary by knowing what makes your heart (and muscles) throb with anticipatory delight. Prepare to prune as you journey through the myriad health benefits of hydrotherapy, from soothing spasms to enhancing insulin sensitivity. So, are you ready to bubble your way into a wholesome, rejuvenating lifestyle? Time to make some splash decisions!

1. Understand Your Needs

Buying a hot tub is often considered a major purchase, and it is one of the best investments you can make for your body, mind, and home. There are many reasons to consider buying a spa, so it’s important to understand what you are looking for, what benefits are available to you, and how to find the right spa and accessories that meet all of your demands.

Spending time in a high-quality hot tub can improve your health in a number of ways. On top of easing aches and pains and helping you relax, hydrotherapy is known to improve physical functions, restore range of motion and lost flexibility in muscles and joints, reduce headaches, burn calories, improve insulin sensitivity, and help you get quality sleep.

When spa usage is part of your daily routine, you feel better physically. This leads to being mentally healthier, which boosts your mood, eases anxiety and depression, and builds self-confidence.

In addition to health benefits like stress and pain relief, hot tubs provide an ideal location for families to spend quality time together. This is a perfect place for deep discussion, family meetings, brainstorming, and relationship building—with the added benefit of having no electronic devices involved.

Your family will enjoy creating a tradition of spending regular time together in your hot tub. Family members of all ages are able to relax and open up. Relaxed conversation strengthens family closeness, and builds lasting connections. Engaging in conversation makes each family member feel valued, which builds confidence and helps develop positive behaviors at home and school.

Not only will your spa benefit your health and well-being, but let’s not forget the aesthetic value. Now, more than ever, hot tubs are being offered in sleek, stylish colors and designs that are not just functional, but often include music and lighting that set a particular mood. Your investment will add infinite value to your outdoor living space.


2. Select The Right Brand


1. Reviews and Reputation

When you invest in a spa, it’s important to read about other user experiences and keep them in mind as you begin your search. Utilize the information available to you, while remembering that not all reviews should be considered equally. Try to stick to verified buyer reviews, and read the positives and the negatives alike.

2. Construction and Reliability

Conventional hot tubs are typically constructed with wood or metal frames, which are intended to support the shell, plumbing, and insulation, and potentially protect the components from elements. Most spa companies direct their creative focus on the shell—or interior—portion of the spa, which is generally made from acrylic, and the plumbing, which powers the jets. But if your hot tub will be situated outside, there are other factors to consider, like rain, snow, and sun. Wood frames can rot, and metal frames corrode.

Alternatively, many of our tubs an spas are built from stainless steel so it will never rot or corrode and last a lifetime, and the entire structure is further supported by full-foam insulation. In all areas of design and manufacturing your Outdoor Living spa is built to last, and is backed by our comprehensive warranty.

3. Energy Efficiency

Running a spa requires electrical energy, so you’ll want to find out how energy efficient each hot tub brand and model is. The spas we carry are engineered with energy efficiency in mind. This means less demand on pumps so you can enjoy more powerful jets and improved efficiency. 

4. Jet Therapy Options

Hot tub jets are largely considered the most important feature of a spa. People love the relaxing massage hot tub jets provide, but it’s important to know that not all hot tub therapy options are created equal.

The ideal hot tub will have the following:

1. Multiple pumps with high horsepower to get the water to the jets.

2. Smart plumbing that reduces friction and allows for maximum jet power.

3. The correct mixture of water and air for just the right massage intensity.

4. A variety of jet types and locations for full-body relaxation.

5. Jet customization options to personalize your spa experience.

Talk to Outdoor Living today about your body, your therapy preferences, and your lifestyle.


3. Spa Capacity

Consider How many people will be using your spa.

What is the main purpose for which you are buying your hot tub? For some, it’s intended as a place where family and friends relax together and strengthen relationship bonds. Others intend for their spa to be a place where they can escape into quiet thought and unwind. Still others will make the purchase for the medical benefits.

Whatever your purpose, it’s important to consider the number of people that you expect will be using it and keep this number in mind when looking at seating options.

Large hot tubs have anywhere between 8-10 seats. These are very popular and best for large families or people who want to frequently have friends over for backyard events and parties. If you are hoping to have more than 10 people use your spa, you’ll probably want to look into swim spas which are more spacious.

Medium sized spas are in the 5-7 seat range. This is also a popular size hot tub so you’ll find lots of hot tub models in this range.

Smaller hot tubs will usually have 2-4 seats and a great for singles, couples, or small families.


4. Location

Where do you want your hot tub? Most spas are installed outdoors, often on a patio or on a deck. You can also install your spa either fully or partially inground. Some people even put their hot tubs indoors.

Once you know where you want your spa to go, you should take exact measurements of your chosen space so you can be sure you are looking at spas that are within those parameters. Also, consider the space you’ll need for any additional spa features you want, such as steps or cover lifters.

When it comes to hot tub shapes, you’ll find that most hot tubs are square or rectangle, but some brands offer other options such as round or triangle shaped spas.

Most large spas are around 7’10” x 7’10”, with extra-large hot tubs being over 9’ long or wide. Swim spas can be 15’ – 25′ feet long!

Medium sized spas are generally in the range of 6’8” – 7’4” long or wide.

If you have a tight space or don’t need many seats, you can also find smaller spas. Some of our spa models offer large space.


5. Seating Arrangements

Welcome to the land of spa-tacular decision-making! As you craft your personal oasis, it’s time to delve into the world of luxurious lounging options.

First, envision your spa-scapades: will you remain seated like royalty or switch between different thrones of aquatic bliss? Perhaps you fancy a seat away from the splash zone to indulge in some much-needed cooldowns or rock that chic, dry hairstyle?

For those seeking the ultimate relaxation, why not consider the lounge seat option? Elevate your feet, lay back, and let the sweet streams of water massage you into serenity.

But who shall join you on your soothing journeys? Let’s make sure your spa caters to the diverse heights of your entourage, from the pint-sized to the statuesque.

Fear not, Outdoor Living has your back (and your bum) with a delightful assortment of seaside styles: varied depths, lounges for any preference, love seats for cozy moments, and even Adirondack-inspired designs!


6. Jet Count

Suffering from pesky back pain? Fear not, spa-lovers! Ensure your aquatic oasis has jets that target your troubles like a skilled masseuse. Prone to neck or shoulder aches? Inquire about jet options tailored to kiss those kinks goodbye. But remember, it’s not just about gathering an army of jets; aim for a diverse crew that works together seamlessly, without diluting each other’s power. Let the good times (and targeted water pressure) roll!


7. Other Features

Other than jets, many hot tubs come with optional features such as simple water care systems, in-spa audio, and remote spa operation. These are designed to enhance your spa experience and make taking care of it easier.

It’s a good idea to decide what features you want before buying, so you don’t get anything you don’t need or miss out on something you do.

Consider your therapy needs, and what features you’d like to have in your spa package.

1. Lighting

Does the model and brand you’re considering come with interior and exterior lighting? Some of our spa models feature extensive full color in-spa lighting, back-lit water features, lighted cup holders, a power indicator light, and exterior sconce lighting for safety.

2. Water features

Nothing completes the ambience of your spa quite like the addition of a gentle waterfall. The harmonious sounds of cascading waters will transport you to a quiet, tranquil state of mind. Be sure to check out the water feature options of different spas before you buy.

3. Cover

We offer Covana covers which are much more than just a hot tub cover.  Imagine unlocking the gateway to your ultimate relaxation zone with a mere twist of a key, leaving behind the days of wrestling with cumbersome hot tub covers and wrestling icy obstacles. Enter the world of Covana – where exceptional insulation meets supreme accessibility in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it 20-second transformation!

But wait, there’s more! Covana is not just about hot tub covers; we’re also about creating fully-automated heavenly havens, providing unparalleled coziness, security, and privacy right in your backyard. Forged in the frosty lands of Canada with cutting-edge materials, Covana products promise to withstand even the fiercest of climates while snuggling your wallet with cool savings on water, heating, and maintenance expenses.

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